Inga Belozerova  - Artist
I was born and raised in Moscow, one of the oldest and  most beautiful European capitals, surrounded by beautiful architecture, churches, theaters and museums. My parents noticed my artistic abilities and love of drawing when I was five years old. At the age of six they brought me to the Art Studio for Children. A ten year program (coinciding with my regular studies) where I studied  composition, perspective, anatomy, art history, classical drawing, painting, sculpture, decorative arts, etc. After graduating a year early at the top of my class, two years later I completed my high school education, graduating valedictorian. Then it was five years at the University of Moscow where I  graduated summa cum laude with master's degrees in art and teaching. During my college years I spent two years studying under Petr Bendl.  Painting and design have always been my passion.
There is no need to say too much about art… it always speaks for itself…
I love design and painting and always put all my heart into every one of my projects, big or small, simple or complex.
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